The Trash Turtle sitting in front of the Explorers Club represents a lifesized leatherback sea turtle made from found/diverted marine debris. It features a wooden frame created by SFDS Fabrication House, diverted boat wrapping from the Florida Keys, upcycled NOAA commercial fishing nets from San Diego, diverted household plastics from New York City waste, and marine debris found in the Harbor.

Created by students from New York Harbor School, with guidance from artist Jenny Marketou, it highlights how debris and plastic pollution affect sea turtles to tell a compelling story of hope and to create a call to action.

The “Trash Turtle” was produced by Tiffany Duong and Nikki Riddy, in conjunction with The Leatherback Project. The effort was generously supported by the Alfred Kobacker & Elizabeth Trimbach Fund.

Behind the Scenes

The making of our "Trash Turtle"
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