We are proud to announce the winners of the 2024 World Oceans Week Poetry Challenge!

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Best Overall: 

La leçon pour l’humanité

Sous les vagues, là où se cachent les mystères,
La tortue de mer glisse avec une fierté  balnéaire.
Dans les profondeurs azurées, elle appartient,
Dans le royaume de l’océan, elle trouve son chemin.

Dans cette riche tapisserie de la vie non racontée,
Les merveilles sous-marines sont admirées.
Une symphonie de créatures, grandes et petites,
En harmonie, elles répondent à l’appel de l’océan.

Les tortues de mer dansent avec une douce grâce,
Dans les eaux tranquilles, elles trouvent leur place.
Leur sagesse ancienne, un art ambiante ,
Les guidant à travers les profondeurs, un cœur qui chante.

La rencontre des mondes, de la tortue et de l’huître,
Dans l’étreinte de la mer, ils trouvent leur cloître.
Chérissons donc les mers, leur vaste beauté,
Et apprenons enfin de leur amabilité.

Apprenons d’elles, dans leur domaine,
Préservons les océans, où la vie règne.
Car dans leur paix, nous pouvons discerner,
une leçon pour l’humanité.

(English Translation: The Lesson for Humanity)

Under the waves, there where mysteries hide,
the sea turtle glides with ocean pride.
In the azure depths she belongs,
in the ocean kingdom she finds her way.

In this rich tapestry of life untold,
the underwater wonders we behold.
A symphony of creatures, large and small,
in harmony, they respond to the ocean call.

Sea turtles dance with gentle grace,
in calm waters, they find their place.
Their ancient wisdom, an ambient art,
guiding them through the depths, a singing heart.

The meeting of worlds, of the turtle and the oyster,
in the embrace of the sea, they find their cloister.
Let us therefore cherish the seas, their vast beauty,
And, at last, learn from their kindness.

Let us learn from them, in their domains,
let us preserve the oceans, where life reigns.
For in their peace we can discern,
a lesson for humanity.

Grace Hozjan 
12ième année
Professor: Lisa Pivato Holy Trinity Catholic High School 

Foraminifera Ambassador: 


Tiny shells in the ocean deep
Tiny cells, secrets they keep
So much beauty, unseen by eye
Yet crucial to life beneath the sky

Shells of sand, made to last
The tell us about Earth’s amazing past
In layers of sediment, there they lie
They have been here for so much time

Whispering tales of the sea’s vast expanse
Each one a part of life’s intricate dance
Their delicate forms, a work of art
Mirroring the rhythm of the ocean’s heart

Tiny shells, a treasure trove
Of secrets from the depths below
In their fragile beauty, there we find
Without them, life would be left behind.

Harrison D. Cooney
5th Grade
Teacher: Danielle Santagata
Forest Park Elementary

Sea Turtle Ambassador: 

Sea Turtles

In the abyss of the great sea
Lies a creature so wise and free
Sea turtles, with their shielding shell
Their graceful form has a story to tell

They rise for a breath, then disappear
In a blink of an eye, they are no longer near
Gliding in the extraordinary ocean with elegance and no sin
Exploring the treasures that lie within

Each turtle has a unique scute design
Each one having a story to define
110 million years they have roamed
Making the ancient seas their home

These creatures, so wise and strong
Have been blessed with a life so long
Because sea turtles are like no other.

6th Grade
Teacher: Mrs. Kemp
Fieldcrest Elementary School

Oyster Ambassador: 

Mother of Pearl

I have a shell of luminescent stripes,
That closes at a glance to keep me from strife.
My flesh is soft and tender to the touch,
Delectable and exquisite and oh so lush.

I filter the very ocean where I survive,
Feeding on plankton for the sea to thrive.
I myself am a haven for the creatures of the sea,
Who shelter in the reefs of my comrades, and me.

I can even protect your cities and country towns,
From floods that destroy and pounce.
Who am I? A query that might be yours.
Think of pearls, that’s my version of a hint…

Those pure white gems with a luscious tint,
Are born from nothing but sand and me –

I, the oyster.

Carina Sun
6th Grade
Teacher: Ms. Sidenberg
Ashton Meadows Public School

Best 9-12: 

Pour tous les Foraminifera

Des coquilles intégrées dans les pyramides égyptiennes
Une représentation historique de l’ingénierie humaine
La nature nous a donné des magiciens
«Où trouvons-nous, ces adjoints?»

Les foraminifères, les protistes marins invisibles qui sont à tous côtés
Leur présence indique un milieu maritime antique.
Dans Les sédiments du fond marin et dans les algues c’est là où ils appartiennent.
Les scientifiques sont inspirés pour les étudier, enfin.
Les études de climat et des niveaux d’oxygène dans les anciennes mers.
Pour tous les foraminifères

Merci pour la structure des pyramides uniformisées
Merci pour l’éclairage que vous nous fournissez
Merci pour votre contribution dans la formation
Merci d’avoir enseigné notre nation.

(English Translation: For all Foraminifera)

Shells embedded in Egyptian pyramids
A historical representation of human engineering
Nature gave us magicians
“Where do we find these deputies?”

Foraminifera, the invisible marine protists that can be found everywhere
Their presence indicates an ancient maritime enviroent.
In seafloor sediments and in algae, that’s where they belong.
At last, scientists are inspired to study them
Studies of climate and oxygen levels in ancient seas.
For all foraminifera

Thank you for the uniform pyramid structure
Thank you for the insight you provide us
Thank you for your contribution to the training
Thank you for teaching our nation.

Neyssa Almazor
12th Grade
Professor: Lisa Pivato
Holy Trinity Catholic High School

Best 4-8 (tied): 

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle’s are magnificent.

They have big brown shell’s to
protect them.

Eating seaweed is good for them.

Unbelievable at finding food.

Awesome swimmer’s they are so

Really good at hiding.

They lay there eggs in packs
called clutches.

Lie in the soft warm sand.

Every turtle eats seaweed

4th Grade
Teacher: Mr. Hancock
Silver Creek Public School

Best 4-8 (tied)


Oysters are very beautiful,
I wonder if their shells are useable.
Oysters actually do have gills,
Knowing that gives me chills!
Oysters don’t look very delicious.
but they may be very nutritious!
Oysters have been here for millions of years,
I wonder if they are engineers.
Oysters are quite interesting,
I wonder if the like to swing!
Oysters should be protected,
as they are commonly collected.
Oysters need to be protected,
because without them own world could be affected
So go and please protect them,
and if ya do you’ll get a gem.

4th Grade
Teacher: Mr. Justin Hazard
Westwood Public Schools

Best K-8: 


The oyster lays beneath the waves waiting for its guest
Inside a pearl awaits, like a treasure in a chest.
Soon comes a beautiful fish
A beautiful girl
Soon my shell opens revealing my pearl
A beautiful pearl

3rd Grade
Teacher: Ms. Danielle Santagata
Forest Park Elementary