Jun. 23, 22

Dear Fellow Explorers,

As you gear up for your summer expeditions, we are eager to have you share with us the latest edition of the PRESIDENT’S VIDEO REPORT.

TEC President Richard Garriott de Cayeux reports on the “State of the Club,” and shares news of our varied and diverse activities and programs, including ECAD, World Oceans Week, GLEX, and the worldwide voyage of the Spanish Training Frigate Elcano – honoring the 500th Anniversary of the Voyage of Magellan. Throughout the two-year voyage, TEC Flag 1519 flew atop the mast.

In this Report, we will join our Next Generation of Explorers on their exciting expeditions; learn first-hand about the gravitational waves that a fellow TEC member documented in award winning videos—with historic scientific findings that led to the Nobel Prize, and we’ll have a look at Bhutan’s newest sensation—baseball.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep exploring.

Most Cordially,

Bill Liss
Communications Chair
[email protected]