Dec. 28, 21

Dear Fellow Explorers,

On behalf of the Explorers Club Staff; Board of Directors; and Officers, please allow me to add my personal best wishes to each of you for a joyous and healthy holiday season and New Year.

The resurgence of Covid and its variants (Delta and now Omicron), have made 2021 a truly difficult year to navigate. We have been forced to delay and, in many cases, cancel expeditions; and with the ever-changing environment, we’ve had to cancel or suspend many Club lectures and events. In addition, because of Covid protocols, we have also had to close the Club Headquarters for periods of time to insure strict adherence to CDC, New York City, State and Federal Covid mandates. But throughout this Pandemic, I want to assure you we have taken considerable precautions and continuing steps to ensure that our Headquarters has been fully sanitized and thoroughly cleaned.

Looking ahead to the New Year, we anxiously await a “live” ECAD 2022, now scheduled to be held on April 23 in New York. As always, we are planning a full weekend of exciting activities, included our long await presentation of our prestigious Explorers Club Awards. Together with that will be Awardee lectures and other events surrounding our mission and Club objectives. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at ECAD and its accompanying events, and at our Annual Meeting on the Sunday following ECAD. However, if you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, we are planning a “live feed” from Headquarters-beamed across the world via Zoom.

For now, we urge you to stay safe; stay healthy; and continue planning your exciting expeditions for 2022 that Covid may have forced you to delay. We also urge you to actively support your Chapters and to vote your choices for the Explorers Club Board of Directors—a slate you will receive shortly. If you have nominees for Explorers Club Awards, be sure to go to for details.

We so greatly appreciate your commitment to The Explorers Club and our important mission to further exploration; to preserve our environment; and to promote and support our exciting and continuing effort to discover all that is new and awaits us on land, in the sea and in the heavens.

Most Cordially,

Richard Garriott