Feb. 13, 24

We are happy to announce to the inaugural Global Conservation Forum at the Explorers Club, taking place on March 5th and 6th, and organized by the Conservation and Sustainability Committee.

Embark on a transformative journey at the inaugural Global Conservation Forum, hosted by the Explorers Club – two days that promise to redefine the landscape of conservation.  You will hear about the innovative New Frontiers in Conservation and one of its most intractable problems: Global Wildlife Crime. This event marks a significant stride toward shaping a robust Conservation and Sustainability profile for the Explorers Club, an integral facet of our identity. It is the future of exploration — illuminating the intricacies of our species’ survival on Earth. Join us to dive into the future of exploration, gaining valuable insights into the natural processes of our planet and the profound impact our actions have on our collective destiny.

 The Global Conservation Forum serves as a rallying point, urging us to comprehend the urgency of stewarding our planet. With six of the nine planetary boundaries already crossed, time is of the essence. Explore the biological processes crucial for the Earth’s vitality and tap into the compassion ingrained in our evolutionary journey to instigate change.

The clock is ticking, and the responsibility is ours. Join the Explorer’s Club in a dynamic dialogue about the future of our planet, where knowledge meets action, and change becomes the catalyst for a sustainable tomorrow.


Click HERE for tickets, or one of the buttons below to learn about the two programs.


About the Conservation and Sustainability Committee


The Conservation and Sustainability Committee is on a mission to ignite passion and action among our members. Through captivating stories, research, projects, and experiences, we highlight the urgency and potential of conservation and sustainability.  Through education and outreach, we aim to keep everyone informed about the latest concepts, policies, and practices. Collaboration with other Club Committees ensures a united effort toward this shared objective.

Framing our work in the context of innovative nature-based solutions, the relationship between Biodiversity and Climate mitigation, we showcase the remarkable benefits of conservation, emphasizing gains in science, society, and the environment. By spotlighting the outstanding efforts of our members and other professionals, we aim to inspire others to join this crucial cause. 

Together, we shine a light on the Earth’s wonders, communities, and natural resources, demonstrating the monumental gains achievable through the successful conservation of biodiversity — gains that extend scientifically, socially, and environmentally.