Welcome to the second year of The Explorers Club 50 program. In 2021, I had the privilege of interviewing nearly all of the remarkable individuals who joined us. I found myself inspired and moved by the energy, optimism, and dedication they each embodied. In addition, I was able to witness again and again the wonderful alchemy created when these explorers met and interacted with each other, finding links between their missions, their expertise, and their varied life experiences…in short, fulfilling the promise of this program right before my eyes.

So I am delighted to introduce you to another fifty extraordinary individuals, who will bring new levels of richness and new fields of insight to The Explorers Club. As I said last year, the goal of this program is not only to recognize explorers from new and different realms of experience, but by doing so, to create new conversations, new perceptions, and new alliances that infuse the familiar world of our Club with new curiosity and wonder—not just about the possibilities of exploration, but about the possibilities within ourselves.

Joe Rohde FN’10
Co-chair, Explorers Club 50