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The 109th Explorers Club Annual Dinner Sunday

— Sunday, March 17th —
Open House at Club Headquarters
9:00am – 7:00pm

— Breakfast, 9:30am – 10:30am

— Gift Item Sale,10:00am – 4:00pm
3 ½ Floor Large Office

— Annual Meeting, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Clark Room, 2nd Floor

— Board of Directors Meeting, 12:30pm
(Directors & Officers only) Trophy Room

— Lunch, 12:00 - 1:20 pm

— Mary Ann Smothers Bruni, 1:20 pm
Lalish: Sacred Valley of the Yezidis: An Ancient Religion in Sufi Garb

In 1992, fearful Iraqi Kurdistan’s political upheaval and the secrecy of their orally transmitted ancient religion might doom the Yezidis to oblivion, Yezidi religious and politcal leader Pir Khidr Sileman invited Dutch scholar Dr.Philip G. Kreyenbroek and Explorer Club Fellows author John Guest and Sundance Filmmaker Mary Ann Bruni to Lailsh for the Feast of the Assembly. Bruni shares their story, film clips, and the Yezidi Film Project progress.

— David Olson, 1:40 pm
Combat wounded Veteran's Challenge, 2013

David takes a number of severely wounded veterans on an incredible journey proving the capacity and bravery of the human spirit.

— Emili Zuber, 2:00 pm
Blessings for a Dark Future:
Coming-of-Age in Exploration through the Lens of Expeditionary Caving

In her talk "Blessings for a Dark Future" Emily Zuber will consider what it means to be a young explorer while sharing her experiences as an expeditionary caver. Highlighting cave studies projects in Mexico and China, she will discuss methods for motivation and support of coming-of-age explorers.<

— Arita Baaijens, 2:20 pm
Searching For Paradise

Legend has it that the mysterious kingdom of Shambhala is located in the Altai mountains, somewhere in a hidden valley surrounded by icy mountain peaks. During earlier wanderings Arita Baaijens tried to find Paradise. The search continues. Arita Baaijens is a explorer, biologist, writer, photographer. In 1990 she gave up her job as an environmentalist. For almost two decades she has been exploring the deserts of Egypt and the Sudan with her small caravan of camels. Often solo. She traveled the Forty Days Road (Sudan-Egypt) twice

— BREAK, 2:40 - 3:40 pm

— Martin L. Greene, 3:40 pm
Explorers and Their Books: Perspectives on Buying, Selling, and Managing our Book Collections in the Digital Age.

For 500 years, explorers have documented their discoveries using printed books. More recently, we recorded information with telegraph, telephone, photography, motion pictures, television, digital imaging and high speed computers. This talk will “explore” the role of printed material in recording our human achievements and will give personal suggestions for those of us who collect, buy, sell or preserve books and historical documents.

— Keoki Flagg, 4:00 pm
This is a story about the human spirit and what it can overcome.

On January 17, 2012, one hundred years to the day after Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s historic feat, Grant Korgan made history as the first spinal cord-injured athlete to ski to the South Pole. At minus forty degrees and using only his arms, Grant Korgan relentlessly pushed himself on his custom-designed sit-ski every inch of the 80 miles. Every stroke was a mental challenge, each excruciating push a critical lunge closer to the symbolic goal he could not see but would indefatigably realize against overwhelming adversity.

— Les Guthman, 4:20 pm

Les Guthman talks about his latest film, "Saturn's Embrace," in which Dr. Carolyn Porco tells the story of the Cassini Mission's unprecedented exploration of Saturn and its moons in her own words; discoveries that include lakes on the moon Titan and jets of salt water shooting out of the surface of Enceladus. Richard Dawkins comments, "If, as Carolyn says, it turns out there is the starting of life twice in one planetary system, then that immediately means that our estimates of the amount of life in the universe shoot up. We have to say that the universe is simply crawling with life.”

— Taylor/Dennison, 4:40 pm
Flag #80 Return: USS-R12 Expedition

Join Christine Dennison and Tim Taylor for the return of Flag #80 along with a twenty-minute short film featuring the discovery, exploration and interviews with survivors of the WWII submarine USS-R12, the final resting place of forty-two entombed American sailors.

— High Tea, 5:00 pm

— The Explorers Club will Close at 7:00pm

For reservations or more information e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (212) 628-8383.
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