The Explorers Club 50 Award recognizes individuals, but it does so by bringing them into a club. This is an act of faith, faith that there is something significant to this membership, that one’s effectiveness, one’s knowledge, and one’s voice can be increased through the communication and collaboration with others. It is a faith that we are better together. It is our obligation to see that that is made true. We are, each of us, Explorers in our own right, but together we are more than that. We are The Explorers Club. And now, so too, are these 50 extraordinary individuals.

Welcome to the Club.

Adjany Costa – Biologist and Conservationist

Anand Varma – Science Photographer

Andrea Jane Reid – Indigenous Fisheries Scientist

Anika Puri – Computer Scientist

Asha de Vos – Marine Biologist and Educator

Aziz Abu Sarah – Entrepreneur and Peacebuilder

Beth Allgood – Wildlife Advocate

Bhavita Bhatia – Ecofeminist

Carrie Dolan – Spatial Epidemiologist

Christian Rutz – Animal-Tracking Pioneer

Daniel Leeb – Iceland Space Agency

David Borish – Social Researcher and Visual Artist

David Good – Author and Filmmaker

Diego Cardeñosa – Marine Scientist

Emmanuelle Bardout – Underwater Explorer

Erika Woolsley – Marine Biologist

Francesco Sauro – Geologist

Ghislain Bardout – Underwater Explorer

Gina Moseley – Paleoclimate Researcher and Caver

Gregg Treinish – Conservationist

Halley Ramos – Architectural Preservationist

Harmony A Martell – Marine Scientist and Underwater Photographer

Heather Halstead – Virtual Education Pioneer

Hilde Strom – Climate Advocate

Ignacio Mamani Huillca – Machu Picchu Park Ranger

Jamal Galves – Manatee Conservationist

Joseph Cutler – Freshwater Ecologist and Ichthyologist

Karina Oliani – Wilderness and Expedition Doctor

Keneiloe Molopyane – Biological anthropologist

Kimberly Kivvaq Pikok – Iñupiaq fisher

Leo Lanna – Artist and Conservationist

Lhendup Tharchen – Forester and Conservation Biologist

Lily-Arison Rene de Roland – Biodiversity Conservationist

Manoj Gautam – Conservationist and Humanitarian

Mark Ofua – Veterinary Surgeon and Conservationist

Matthew John Carter – Marine Archaeologist and Ocean Advocate

Michel Andre – Bioacoustic Engineer

Miranda Wang – Molecular Biologist and Entrepreneur

Nelly Forero – Naval Captain and Environmental Protection Specialist

Nick Ovenden – Advocate and Regeneration Biologist

Patrick Parnyompe Papatiti – Maasai Warrior and Wildlife Conservationist

Paula Kahumbu – Ecologist

Rachel Graham – Marine Conservation Scientist

Rebecca Hui – Entrepreneur, Artist, and Cartographer

Seheno Andriantsaralaza – Wildlife Conservationist

Stephanie Dolrenry – Conservationist Biologist

Taira Malaney – Wildlife and Human Interest Filmmaker

Tanya Harrison – Planetary Scientist

Titouan Bernicot – Entrepreneur and Coral Conservationist

Vianna von Weyhausen – Conservationist