Feb. 02, 24

Each year The Explorers Club recognizes 50 extraordinary people who are doing remarkable work to promote science and exploration, but remain under the radar and out of the limelight.

These 50 individuals are exploring, inspiring, and creating the future—the future of the planet, life upon it, and the boundless possibilities that await us all.

As the EC50 sails into its fourth year, our steadfast mission remains to transform exploration and enrich our knowledge of the world around us. This mission means approaching exploration as a communal endeavor, and I am proud of how each and every one of our 200 honorees unite towards this goal.

This program thrives, not as a monument to individual glory, but as a beacon for the power we have when we stand together, celebrate the immeasurable value of diverse perspectives, and innovate collaboratively.

Today, wealso present a new website — 50.explorers.org — where you can learn more about each explorer across all four years of the program so far — 200 and counting!

With much excitement, we present to you the 2024 class of The Explorers Club 50.

Please join me in welcoming each of them to our Explorers Club family.


Richard Wiese
President Emeritus & EC50 Chair