Oct. 11, 22

Have you been thinking of contributing more deeply to our amazing organization? Perhaps help shape its future in some spectacular way? Here is your opportunity to do so by joining the Club’s Board of Directors. Serving as a Director is a rewarding activity, and also quite fun!

Members can nominate themselves and/or other members as candidates for a three-year term on The Explorers Club Board of Directors. All candidates must be “paid-up” and in good standing and must fall into one of the following membership categories: Fellow, Member, Medalist, Honorary, Life and Emeritus. In order to be nominated, a candidate must meet all other requirements outlined in The Explorers Club Bylaws.


For those interested, or want to learn more, the Nominations Committee will hold a short informational zoom meeting to address further questions. Details will be provided in the next notification.


The Board of Director nomination process has several steps:

November 13th 2022 – Submit your Biographical Sketch and Candidate Statement in accordance to the outline to [email protected].

December 4th 2022 – Complete an application and a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire and show basic knowledge about our Bylaws. The appropriate documents will be sent to candidates.  Additionally, an independent security company will contact you directly to complete a background check. All information is confidential, however findings may be discussed as part of the nominations process by the Board of Directors.

January 14th 2023 – The Nominating Committee, based on a review of each candidate, will recommend to the Board a slate of candidates for the open positions on the Board of Directors.

March 2023 – The approved slate of candidates will be sent out to the membership for vote.

April 23rd 2023 – The results of the elections will be reported at the Annual Business Meeting of the Club the Sunday after ECAD by Honest Ballot, who is handling the Elections.


Biographical Sketch (400-word maximum)

This sketch should note at the outset the candidate’s chapter (or New York resident) affiliation and details concerning one’s present occupation, including key institutional affiliations, particularly those involving not-for-profit entities. It should also include the candidate’s exploration/field science credentials and any Flag expeditions they have taken part in. It is suggested that the candidate consider the “Attributes Desired of a Potential Director” when composing this sketch.

Incumbents running for a second Board term should enumerate their contributions to The Explorers Club during their first three-year term as a Director, with regard to verifiable fund-raising, or in-kind support, and specific contributions to the Club as a loyal, working Director and board-team member.


Candidate Statements (400-word maximum)

Responding to the questions posed below, these brief statements are intended to describe the vision of the candidate for the current and future direction of the Club, and how they could help implement that vision.

Questions to be addressed:

  • In your opinion, what are the three most significant priorities for The Explorers Club at this time?
    • Based on your answer, what relevant experience have you had that could be applied to the three priorities you have identified?
    • Please list two practical ideas you have to address each of these priorities.
  • Please describe your work on behalf of The Explorers Club at the Chapter, National, International or Committee level in the past two years.
  • Please tell us about other ways you have contributed to the Club, such as supporting Club functions and events. How would your position on the Board positively impact our fundraising or revenue stream?
  • What marketing and public relations experience have you had?
  • If you have prior board or officer experiences, in what capacity did you serve on other not-for-profit Boards? What were your accomplishments?
  • Please describe your approach to conflict resolution, and how you would evaluate and resolve issues impacting the Club.
  • We are a non-profit board, and as such fundraising and financial partnerships are an essential part of BOD activities: How would your position on the Board positively impact our financial partnerships and/or fundraising activities.

Please submit your bio and statement to [email protected] – no later than 6:00 pm EST on November 13th 2022.

We wish to thank you sincerely for your interest in serving on the  Board of the Explorers Club. Though it does involve a commitment, serving our Club is very rewarding. The Board helps guide the Club into the future and ensure that its distinguished legacy is maintained. If you have additional questions, please send them to [email protected].

The Nominations Committee

Martin Kraus, Chair
Jeremy Hirschhorn, Committee Member
Kristin Larson, Committee Member
Synnøve Strømsvåg, Committee Member
Eric Zember, Committee Member