Jul. 20, 23

The time has come to nominate worthy explorers for our annual awards. We hope you’ll actively participate in the nomination process of honoring those who are supporting the Club’s mission through their exceptional contributions in the fields of exploration and scientific research.


The Flag and Honors Committee invites you to submit nominations for the following categories:


2023 Explorers Club Medalist Meg Lowman


The Explorers Club Medal is awarded annually to a member or non-member for extraordinary contributions in the fields of exploration, scientific research, or to the welfare of humanity.

Previous recipients have included Lowell Thomas, PEX ‘28; Kathryn D. Sullivan, HON ‘81; Don Walsh, MED ‘61; James Cameron, MED ‘03; Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ph.D. MED ’12; Capt. Jim Lovell, MED ’66; Victor L. Vescovo, CDR USN (Ret.), MED ’18; and Dereck and Beverly Joubert, MED ’22.


2023 Sweeney Medalist Kristin Larson


The Edward C. Sweeney Medal is awarded annually to a Club member in recognition of distinguished service, scientific work and exploration. The nominee must have exhibited by word and action a profound interest in the welfare and principles of The Explorers Club. The candidate must have been a Club member in good standing for a minimum of five years.

Previous recipients have included Max Gallimore, MED ’82; Harry D. Brooks, MED ‘93; Julianne Chase, Ph.D., MED ’97; Bruce Blanchard, MED ’78; Constance Difede, MED ’01; Lee Langan, MED ’99; David A. Dolan, FN ’03; Milbry C. Polk, FR ’95; George W. Gowen Esq., MR ’96; Robert J. Atwater, LF ’05; and Marcelo A. Méndez, FR ’92.


2023 Citation of Merit Honoree John Mather


The Citation of Merit is awarded annually “in recognition of an outstanding feat of exploration or services rendered to the Club.”

Previous recipients include The 1963 American Mount Everest Team; Gilbert M. Grosvenor; The Apollo F-1 Engine Search and Recovery Team; Mandip Singh Soin, FI ’92; C. William Steele, FE ’79; George Basch, MN ’10; Edith A. Widder Ph.D., FN ’99; Michael E. Barth, MI ‘12 & Roy Chapman Andrews Centennial Expedition Team; Rob McCallum, MN ’09 & The Five Deeps Expedition Team; Steve Elkins, FN ’16; Dr. Nina Lanza, FN ’20, Dr. Olivier Gasnault, and the Curiosity Mars Rover ChemCam Engineering Team.


2018 Buzz Aldrin Awardee Jeff Bezos


The Buzz Aldrin Space Exploration Award is awarded quadrennially to an individual noted for accomplishments in exploration of outer space that best typify the spirit of explorer Buzz Aldrin.

Previous recipients include: F. Story Musgrave FN’94, Maj. Gen. Valentina Tereshkova, Steve W. Squyres FN’87, Maria T. Zuber FN’14, Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, and Jeff Bezos MN’14.


2023 New Explorer Awardee Dominique Gonçalves


The New Explorer Award is granted to inspiring young explorers, in the fields of physical, biological, and natural sciences, engineering, and resource conservation, whose work of exploration serves to broaden knowledge of all.

Previous recipients include: Sophie Hollingsworth FI’14, Gino Caspari LF’15 & Trevor Wallace MN’13, Ian Mangiardi MR’12, Shahriar Caesar Rahman, and Dominique Gonçalves FI’21.


The Explorers Club Awards are intended to celebrate excellence and, except for the Sweeney Medal, are not solely limited to Explorers Club members.


You will be required to provide:

  • Contact details for yourself, and the individual(s) you nominate
  • A statement of no more than 1,000 words (about 2 pages) outlining why you believe the award is deserved
  • A CV or list of achievements for the nominee

Note: Please do not include more than two web links to supporting materials (e.g. video, photos, personal websites, etc.)

The deadline for nominations is October 6, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST.


Header image: Lhakpa Sherpa accepting the 2023 Tenzing Norgay Award