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Join us for another exciting installment of the Explorers Club 50 Speaker Series, supported by Rolex, with “Advocates” on Wednesday, November 30th at 7 pm. Filmmakers, educators, and pioneers from around the globe will come together for a panel discussion moderated by EC 50 2021 Honoree Juan Martinez about the immense impact of empowering local communities to engage with the environment, conserve, and become the next generation of explorers.

This event is entirely virtual. Streaming live here on, our YouTube Channel, and our Facebook Live  Wednesday, November 30th at 7:00 pm ET.


Brett Howell

Brett Howell is the Founder of the Howell Conservation Fund (HCF), a non-profit
organization that addresses the root causes of conservation issues. Brett has been a conservationist since his youth, wading in tidal pools and SCUBA diving along the California coast. This trajectory carried through to adulthood. In 2019, Brett carried Flag #97 to Henderson Island – one of the most remote areas on the globe – to lead the clean up of the world’s most plastic-polluted beach. The expedition was featured in publications worldwide and resulted in multiple scientific papers, stunning artwork, and heightened awareness of plastic impacts on wildlife. In addition to developing solutions to plastic pollution, HCF is engaged in projects including coral reef management, environmental behavior change, and wildlife conservation.

Manuel Jose Carpintero Manzanares

Manuel Jose Carpintero Manzanares is the most adventurous teacher on Earth. He has led expeditions all over the planet. Awarded in 2021 as the best teacher, he dedicates his life to teaching and disseminating Geography and exploration. His dream is to bring his Little Explorers educational project to every school on Earth.

Tom Martienssen

Tom is an Emmy-winning director and cinematographer. He has filmed in over 50 countries and territories from Afghanistan to the Arctic, Himalayas to the Pacific Islands. His passion for storytelling began when he was working as combat search and rescue in Afghanistan. His writing from that time led to a career as a BBC World Affairs Unit journalist. During his time at the BBC Tom survived–and subsequently covered–the 2015 Earthquake in Nepal and worked undercover in the Middle-East to report on ISIS. Tom’s passion for in-depth reporting was a natural transition to documentaries. Tom is currently directing films around the topics of conservation (Nigeria), poaching (Kenya), culture (global Indigenous communities), and High Arctic exploration. He collaborates on his projects with Diamond Docs and the BBC.

November 30,2022
November 30, 2022
The Explorers Club 50: The Advocates


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