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You’re invited to experience A Species Between Worlds: Our Nature, Our Screens — an immersive journey that explores the growing tension between our humanity and the allure of the virtual sphere.

Created by artist, photographer, and Explorers Club 50 Honoree John Mack, this month-long exhibition is opening up vital conversations about who we are, where we are going, and what actions we can take to ensure the survival of the natural world.

On Tuesday, September 27, Explorers Club President Richard Garriott will join Mack for a special event at the exhibit – “Avatars & Exploration: Reality to Cyberspace”

The Explorers Club leads the world in exploration of land, air sea and space… but, did you know Club President Richard Garriott also lead humanity deep into cyberspace with a 40 year career in video games?

He created the now ubiquitous term “avatar” and the field of MMO Virtual Worlds.

Come hear TEC President Richard Garriott de Cayeux discuss the origins of Avatars and MMO’s, and the powerful and important role they can play now and in the future.

Then Richard will be joined by John Mack, creator of “A Species Between Worlds” to dig into the “dark side” of our virtual existence — what are we losing, as we begin to “tune out” of the magnificent and obviously important reality we live in now.

FREE for all Club Members and guests

Tuesday, September 27 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at 537 W 27th Street




John Mack

Thinker and visual artist John Mack exhibits the poetry of nature as a counterpoint toward a world that is every day becoming all the more dependent on digital devices and algorithmic feeds. In 2021 Mack founded Life Calling Initiative, a not-for-profit aimed at preserving humanity’s awe and connection to the natural world during an age of exponential digital distraction. Among the initiatives is A Species Between Worlds, Our Nature Our Screens, an interactive photography exhibition that questions how a balance between our connection to nature and today’s growing device-dependence might be attained. The initiative will also be publishing a series of books, essays, and poetry on the topic. Mack was born in New York City and is currently based in Sevilla, Spain.

Richard Garriott de Cayeux

Richard Garriott de Cayeux currently serves as the President of the Explorers Club. He is a founding father of the videogame industry and the commercial spaceflight industry, a flown astronaut, and the first explorer to have explored pole to pole, orbited the Earth, and reached the deepest point in the Ocean.

September 27,2022
September 27, 2022
6:00 pm
6:00 pm
John Mack, Richard Garriott
John Mack, Richard Garriott
537 W 27th Street
537 W 27th Street
Avatars & Exploration: Reality to Cyberspace Click here to purchase tickets


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