Attributes Desired of a Potential Director

1. Demonstrated Commitment to the Club’s Mission: Active supporter of the Club’s professional, educational and social objectives; constructive ideas related to keeping our mission relevant to the challenges of the 21st Century.

2. Basic Business Skills: Understands and applies marketing principles to issues considered by the Board; considers actions and decisions in light of public relations principles; familiar with information technology; familiar with basic financial accounting and planning tools including budgeting, cash flow, income statements and balance sheets; awareness of fiduciary duties before being a Director.

3. General Organization and Leadership Skills: Past experience on other large, Boards (non-profits and for profits alike); familiarity with Robert’s Rules of Order, written reports, managing staff in a non-profit.

4. Communication Skills: Expresses ideas and opinions clearly; participates effectively in conversations, neither monopolizing nor hanging back; asks appropriate questions.

5. Collegial Demeanor: Socially, intellectually compatible with other Board Members, Officers, and Members; willing to listen to and learn from others; consistent record of dealing with other members, staff and Board in civil, courteous manner; exhibits mature, adult behavior at all times; willing to leave personal publicity, goals, opportunity behind in the execution of Board affairs. Shows a sense of humor and positive presence.

6. Financial Means and Willingness to Commit: Hold a current paying job or established means of retirement or financial independence; commits to attend ECADs and Lowell Thomas Dinners; commits the time to attend most Board Meetings in person.

7. Fundraising: Commitment to personally give, or to solicit funding from outside the organization; and to participate with others in the successful execution of fundraising events.

8. Unassailable Personal Standards: Moral; ethical; legal. Willingness to be fingerprinted as part of the Club’s liquor-licensing requirements and to be screened by authorities for any past felonies.

9. Broad Club Experience: Current or past local chapter participation and leadership; Committee Service; other contributions to the Club and members.

10. No Conflicts of Interest: Professional; commercial; would never use the Club house, one’s Director status or The Explorers Club brand for self-promotion or advancement of outside business interests. Related outside activities and interests are quite permissible in accordance with the bylaws, but should be fully disclosed.

11. Discreet, Reliable Handling of Confidential Board Information: Strict social media and e-mail policy compliance.

12. Avoids any issue advocacy (especially Political, Ethnic, or Religious) on Club Premises or at Club events, except as authorized within the bylaws. Allows no manifestations of bias related to race, gender, religion, in any Club activity. Keeps any other issue advocacy separate from Club affairs and away from Club premises.

13. Will Accept Shared Responsibility for Protection of Club Assets: Building, artifacts, brand, public reputation.

14. Values and Supports the Legacy, History, Traditions, Bylaws, and Policies of the Club without reservation.

15. Will Have Exploration Credentials: Useful, but not mandatory to have had EC Flag Expedition participation; useful but not mandatory to have some published writings, photos, research, experience as a lecturer on exploration and related subjects.

16. Understands that the bylaws and Club policies may change; and that they have precedence over all statements above.