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Welcome, Applicants from NESA

Recognizing that many National Eagle Scout Association members have performed field exploration and have ideals and interests similar to those of our own members, we are inviting NESA members to consider applying for membership in The Explorers Club. Please follow the special instructions for NESA applicants and use the application form entitled "Explorers Club Membership Application for National Eagle Scout Association".

Completing the Explorers Club Membership Application Form
We offer two easy options for completing the form. Use whichever option suits you best. In either case, we require a handsigned hardcopy of the form.

Download and complete the form on your computer, send as an email attachment to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), then print out the hardcopy, sign by hand, and send the hardcopy by postal mail to the Membership office.

Or download and print out the blank form, complete and sign by hand, and send by postal mail to the Membership office.
Forms and Instructions

Download the Form Here

Instructions for Application
Explorers Club Membership Application for National Eagle Scout Association
Exploration Résumé Form
(Optional form to list additional expedition experience)
Additional Information

Join the Club and Promote Exploration
Article reprinted with permission from the Spring 2005 Eagletter.

Please keep in mind these points for preparing a complete and acceptable application:

Complete everything—all sections on all seven pages of the application, plus any additional pages required for your Exploration Résumé (see point 6 below), sign and do the mailing checklist on the last page.
Make two copies of the entire application including any extra pages for your Exploration Résumé, as well as any other supporting documents you might wish to include.
Put the entire application (original and copies) into a single envelope and send to: The Explorers Club, Membership Office, 46 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021.
Incomplete applications will be returned.
A key component of your application is your expedition, field work, or research experience. Be sure to complete the Exploration Résumé (pages 2 and 3, Part II) of the application and to add additional pages as necessary. For your convenience, a supplemental form is available below in PDF.
While a bibliography is requested, it is NOT necessary to send in physical copies of your publications.
Processing Your Application:
Within two weeks of the receipt of your application by our Membership Office in New York, you will receive a confirmation email. The Explorers Club will then review your application to determine your eligibility. If in the judgment of the Club your exploration experience does not meet our membership requirements you will receive a letter from us in the mail. A candidate with an application that does meet our requirements will be contacted by a Club member to introduce themselves and to learn more about you. Assistance identifying the two sponsors required for membership will be spearheaded by this individual. Typically an application takes four months to process.

Criteria for Membership:
The categories of membership in the Club most applicable to NESA applicants are Member and Fellow. The qualifications for Member are that the candidate evidences a sustained interest in some aspect of exploration and has contributed in broad terms to the cause of exploration, including furthering scientific knowledge of the world, for example, leading or accompanying appropriate expeditions. The qualifications for Fellow go beyond the Member to include actual contributions to scientific knowledge in the field of geographical exploration or allied sciences. Such accomplishments usually are evidenced by scientific publications documenting fieldwork or explorations. Assignment of membership category (for example, member or fellow) is decided by the Membership Committee.

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