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50 Year Members

I was greatly honored to be invited to join the prestigious Explorers Club in 1961. Over the past half century the history and traditions of our organization remain a constant source of personal pride. I look forward to continuing to promote the “Spirit of Exploration”.

Honorary President Don Walsh, Ph.D., MED ’61

Congratulations to our members celebrating their 50th Year Anniversary of Membership. We thank them for their continuing support of The Explorers Club.


Dr. John O. Annexstad, FE ‘66
James M. Fowler, MED ‘66
John H. Heminway Jr., ME ‘66
John J. Kelley Ph.D., FE ‘66
Richard E. Leakey D.Sc., CM ‘66
James A. Lovell, CM ‘66
Gregory T. O’Conor M.D., FE ‘66
Robert E. Rigney, FN ‘66
William H. Woodin III, FN ‘66
William V. Wright Ph.D., FE ‘66
Johannes von Trapp, MN ‘66


Dr. Dorrance I. Anderson, ME ‘65
Donald Barnett, FE’65
Bernard Champon, MR’65
David Faile, ME’65
Edward Holland, ME’65
Howell Joiner, LF’65
Ronald Kollmeyer, FE’65
Robert Silver, ME’65
James Thompson, ME’65
Jorgen Visbak, ME’65
Carl Walston, MED’65


Albert Fried, Jr., LM ‘64
Charles MacDonald Grace, LM ‘64
Edward G. Grant, ME ‘64
Prince Joli Q. Kansil, LF ‘64
George R. Kelly USN (Ret.), FE ‘64
Daniel B. Krinsley Ph.D., FE ‘64
Carl C. Landegger, ME ‘64
Gilbert H. MacDonald, FE ‘64
Harvey A. Miller Ph.D., FE ‘64
Taylor A. Pryor, FE ‘64
Stanley Walsh, ME ‘64
Jack H. Walston, MN ‘64
Robert L. Wolcott , FI ‘64


Thomas A. Campbell, Jr., MN ‘63
G. Keith Garman, LM ‘63
Walter H. Hodge, Ph.D., D.Sc, FE ‘63
Kenneth L.  Hunkins, FR ‘63
Joseph W. Kittinger, MED ‘63
John W. Lentz, FE ‘63
Paul Queneau, FE ‘63
Francis G. Stokes, USNR (Ret.), FE ‘63
Charles C. Wiggin, FE ‘63
Charles E. Yeager, HON ‘63

The Explorers Club Fifty Year Anniversary Members

Hans van Nes-Allen FE’40
Capt. Conrad Bassett LM’46
Maynard M. Miller, Ph.D. FE’47
Ventura Barnes Jr. FE’48
Edward C. Migdalski FE’49
Robert H.T. Dodson FN’49
Lowell Thomas Jr. FN’49
Michael Butler FE’50
Howard T. Ennis Jr. FE’50
Branan Ward FE’51
Charles W. Allmon, Ph.D. FN’51
Hugo A. C. Neuburg FE’53
David D. Smith, Ph.D. FE’53
Donald H. McLean M.D. LF’53
Pierre H. Willm CO ‘54
Carl S. Benson, Ph.D. FE’54
Robert D. Schweitzer, D.D.S. FE’54
Robert H. Malott FE’55
Ernest R. Sohns FE’55
Dr. C. Muses LF’55
Bern W. Brown CO ‘56
William H. Littlewood, M.Sc., F.R.G.S. FE’56
Prof. H. Morgan Smith FE’56
Patrick H. O’Neill FE’57
Gilbert M. Grosvenor FN’57
Lee M. Talbot, Ph.D. MED’57
Thomas W. Bachert ME’57
Richard L. Chappell, Ph.D. FE’58
James H. Hardy, M.D. FE’58
Henry Strauss FE’58
Milo W. Williams FE’58
Arthur O. Sulzberger MR’58
Capt. Kit S. Kapp FE’59
Philip Ross, Ph.D. FE’59
Richard T. Silver, M.D. FE’59
Robert F. Marx FN’59
Russ Kinne FE’60
John H. Brandt, Capt., USPHS (Ret.), FE ’61
Thomas L. Goodman, FE ’61
Gene W. Jones, Col., USAF (Ret.), FE ’61
William E. Long, Ph.D., FE’ 61
William M. Manger, M.D., Ph.D., ME’ 61
James Q. Tierney-Holly, FE ’61
Don Walsh, Ph.D., MED ’61
Peter F. Bermel, FE ‘62
Norman G. Dyhrenfurth, HON ‘62
Senator John H. Glenn, Jr., USMC (Ret.), HON ‘62
Edgar N. Stone, ME ‘62

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Background image photography courtesy of members Christoph Baumer, Neil Laughton, Matt Harris and Don Walsh's image of the Bathyscape Trieste