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Capt. Timothy F. Taylor FN’04

Tim grew up on the New England waterfront, where his passion for ocean exploration began at an early age. He first learned to dive off the coast of Maine and today is an accomplished technical rebreather diver, ocean explorer and naturalist who has led diving projects throughout the world for over 25 years. He is President of RV Tiburon Inc., an ocean research, exploration and expedition corporation based in Key West, Florida, and is a writer and lecturer on marine issues. He is also founder of the nonprofit organization Ocean Outreach, which has a strong focus on educational awareness programs for children, our next generation of explorers.

Tim works with emerging technology and specializes in exploration and expedition support. He has hosted, led and organized expeditions for noted marine specialists which include: Dr. Sylvia Earle, Wes Pra , Frank Goddio, Dr. Robert Ginsburg, Dr. Samuel Gruber, Dr. Sue Hendrickson, Dr. Jeff Carrier and Philippe Cousteau. He has discovered and explored numerous reefs which include Sherwood Forest, considered the centerpiece of the Tortugas Ecological Reserve; Pulley Ridge the deepest hermatypic coral reef in the world; and Black Forest reef, the largest black coral tract in the United States.

There are few individuals that have led as many flag expeditions in as many varied disciplines as Tim Taylor. He has had the honor of running eight Explorers Club expeditions, dozens of scientific explorations and numerous National Geographic projects. Tim’s underwater expertise and ongoing work continue to support important geological, biological, archeological research and outreach projects.

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