Sep. 22, 21

This notice describes the procedure for electing a new President of the Explorers Club. In March, current President, Richard Garriott, will conclude the first year of a maximum of three (3) one-year terms as President. Therefore, as described in the bylaws it will be the responsibility of the current Board of Directors to select a new President at the January 2022 Board meeting (The President is elected in January, and takes office at the next Annual Business Meeting of the Membership, which is typically in March).

Individuals interested in holding the position of President should have significant relevant experience and be willing to commit substantial time and effort towards the benefit of our historic and storied organization. It should be noted that much of the Club activity involving the President’s duties occurs in New York City at the Club Headquarters. Interested parties should become familiar with the Explorers Club bylaws (which you can find posted in the Members Area of our website). Having knowledge of our governing documents are required to govern the Club and are an integral part of the duties and responsibilities of the President.

The Explorers Club Bylaws describe the election process as follows:


Section 2. President: Election and Term of Office. The Secretary shall accept nominations from voting Directors for the position of President at the commencement of the January meeting of the Board of Directors, and the election of the President shall be conducted during that meeting by a confidential, written ballot submitted by those Directors in attendance either in person or telephonically. The President shall be elected for a one-year term by a majority of the entire Board. The President’s term shall commence at the Annual Meeting of the Board, and he or she shall continue in office until his or her successor shall have been elected and qualified, or until his or her death, resignation, or removal.

The Nominating Committee, with Board approval, has added to the Presidential election process, for clarity and to make the process more inclusive, the following requirements and deadlines:

  • Any voting member in good standing (a membership designation that has voting privileges and their dues are paid and current) may run for the office of President.
  • It is not required to be a member of the Board of Directors, an Officer or currently involved in Club leadership to be a candidate.
  • The preliminary review of those who express an interest in running for President will be completed by the Nomination Committee.

Nomination for President must be made by the Board of Directors.

  • Each qualified individual must be nominated and seconded by a Member of the Board of Directors.
  • Each individual Nominated (by the Board of Directors) for President will be required to pass a background check (they must provide their social security number or foreign equivalent) prior to final consideration for election as President. (All background checks are handled confidentially by a 3rd party professional vendor).

Due by November 1, 2021

Any member interested in submitting their name for consideration must submit their biographical sketch and, or resume and a candidate statement (that outlines the candidate’s goals and objectives while serving as President).

Submit to:

Biographical Sketch

This sketch should note at the outset the candidate’s chapter (or New York resident) affiliation and details concerning one’s present occupation, including key institutional affiliations, particularly those involving not-for-profit entities. It should also include the candidate’s proven exploration-field science credentials and Flag expeditions.

Candidate Statements

Responding to the questions posed below, these brief statements are intended to describe the vision of the candidate for the current and future direction of the Club, and how they could help implement that vision.

Questions to be addressed:

  • In your opinion, what are the three most significant priorities for The Explorers Club at this time?
  • Based on your answer, what relevant experience have you had that could be applied to the three priorities you have identified?
  • Please list two practical ideas you have to address each of these priorities
  • Please describe your work on behalf of The Explorers Club at the Chapter, National, International or Committee level in the past two years.
  • Please tell us about other ways you have contributed to the Club, such as supporting Club functions and events. How would your position as President positively impact our fundraising or revenue stream?
  • What marketing and public relations experience have you had including public appearances and interviews?
  • If you have prior board or officer experiences, in what capacity did you serve on other not-for-profit Boards? What were your accomplishments?
  • Please describe your approach to conflict resolution, and how you would evaluate and resolve issues impacting the Club.
  • Describe what type of personnel and project management experience you have.
  • Describe your experience with the development and communication of strategic plans.
  • Do you have knowledge and expertise with Roberts Rules of Order?

Once the Bio and Candidate Statement have been received and reviewed, an application and a questionnaire about our bylaws shall be forwarded immediately to the candidate.

Due by December 1, 2021

  • Application and Questionnaire are due for review by the Nomination Committee.

Due by December 10, 2021

  • The Nomination Committee will forward a list of individuals found to be qualified to the Secretary of the Board of Directors for consideration.
  • Candidates for President must be nominated and seconded by a Board Member.
  • Immediately upon being nominated a background check will be performed.

January Board meeting date TBD

  • The newly elected President shall have a one-year term.
  • The newly elected President does not officially take office until the Board Meeting immediately following the March 2022 Annual Meeting.

Please note: Regarding the responsibilities of the President, the Bylaws, Article VII: Officers, Employees and Agents state the following:

Section 4. President: Powers and Duties. The President shall preside at all meetings of the members and the Executive Committee. The President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Club and shall keep the Board fully informed about the activities of the Club. The President shall be an ex-officio member of each committee of the Board and the Club of which he or she is not an active member. The President shall perform all the duties that usually incident to the office of President, subject to the control of the Board, and shall perform such other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the Board. The President is accountable to the Board for implementing the policies and mission of the Club. The President has the power to execute alone in the name of the Club all contracts specifically authorized by the Board unless the Board shall require an additional signature.

Those interested in running for the office of President must submit his or her Biographical Sketch, and Candidate Statement to: no later than 6:00 pm EST Novemeber 1st 2021.


Milbry Polk
Board of Directors, Class of 2022
Chair, Nominating Committee