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Flag Application Criteria

The Explorers Club Flag represents an impressive history of courage and accomplishment. To carry The Explorers Club flag is an honor and a responsibility. Therefore, we have set an appropriately high standard for the award of a flag. The most important requirement is that the expedition be true exploration and not personal adventure.

If you are thinking of applying to carry a flag, here are a few key attributes to consider for your successful flag application:

•  Your expedition must have a goal that will advance human knowledge.

•  You need to understand and communicate the requirements for your expedition’s success. For example, are you familiar with previous expeditions to this place, and what happened to them and their results?

•  Show that you have a detailed plan for gathering information, analyzing it, and communicating it afterward.

•  Your final result might be scientific data published in academic journals, a documentary film with plans for distribution, popular writing for magazines, or a wide variety of other communication avenues. And in accordance with our rules, an expedition must never be solely for commercial purposes.

•  You need to have the right people for the expedition, and understand the risk factors.

•  Is your budget reasonable? What is the state of your funding when you apply?

•  Have you carried the flag in the past, and if so what were the results of those expeditions?

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