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Flag Expeditions

Every year Explorers Club members launch new research expeditions around the world, thus continuing the early goals laid down by the Club's founders in 1904. The Explorers Club flag represents a history of courage and accomplishment and has been carried on hundreds of expeditions since 1918. Flag expeditions fulfill a fundamental part of the Club's mission: To engage in scientific exploration and share the results.

Flag Reports

Any member of the Club approved to carry the flag on an expedition is required upon return to issue, in hardcopy, an official Flag Report. These reports fulfill a fundamental part of the Club’s mission, to engage in scientific exploration and share the results. View a list of approved flag expeditions, as our members carry the flag into new terrain and uncharted waters.

Carrying the Flag

Any member in good standing may apply for the privilege of carrying the Explorers Club flag on an expedition intended to further the cause of exploration and field science. The flag has been carried on hundreds of expeditions since 1918: to both poles, to the highest peaks of the greatest mountain ranges, to the depths of the ocean, and to outer space.

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