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Explorers Club Film Series – FAR OUT: Agafia's Taiga Life

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March 28, 2013


6:00 pm Reception; 7:00 pm Screening


New York City Headquarters, 46 E. 70th St., New York, NY 10021


The Explorers Club cordially invites you to a premiere screening of the next film in VICE Media's FAR OUT series.

FAR OUT is VICE's series about the lives of isolated people who live in the most remote places on Earth. Episode 1 featured "The Final Frontiersman" Heimo Korth, one of the few hunter/gatherer inhabitants in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. In Episode 2, we went to Chilean Patagonia, to meet Faustino Barrientos, Lake O'Higgins' infamous hermit gaucho. In Episode 3, we traveled to the Sayan Mountains in Russia to visit Agafia Lykov, the last surviving member of a family who lived isolated deep in the Siberian taiga for over forty years.

In 1936, fearing the wrath of Stalin's Great Purge, an Old Believer named Karp Lykov and his family fled into the taiga and settled in the mountains over 150 miles away from the nearest town. In 1943, Agafia Lykov was born in the wilderness. The family survived in this sprawling solitude where winter temperatures routinely reach -30, and bears and wolves are common. In 1978, a crew of Russian geologists accidentally fell upon the Lykov's cabins and made contact with the family, discovering they were completely cut off from the outside world, and totally unaware of current events - including World War II.

Since their rediscovery, all but one member of the Lykov family have passed away. Agafia, the last survivor, remains steadfast in seclusion at the Lykov's home. In this episode of FAR OUT, the VICE crew lives with Agafia, and learns about her life in the taiga and the gradual influence of the outside world on her way of life.

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