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Dedicate a Floor Tile on the Terrace of The Lowell Thomas Building

Join the over 100 “Explorers Immortals” who have already donated and engrave your name or create a dedication in stone on the terrace at The Explorers Club Headquarters. Adorn our landmark outdoor space and help fund the Phase II renovations by making a tax deductible donation of $2,500 per dedicated tile to our Lowell Thomas Building Fund.

  • The terrace will be complete this summer and you will be able to see the exact tile and location where the engraving will be located.
  • Engravings are limited to 20 characters.
  • Donations made by email orders only. Please contact Grace Almeida, Accounting, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
  • The Explorers Club wishes to acknowledge the following donors who have already adopted a terrace paver: James H. Alexander, John G. Alexander, Darlene T. Anderson, Jeanne D. Andlinger, Barbara Annan, Robert J. Aresty, Atlanta Chapter, Robert J. Atwater, Norman L. Baker, Andreas Bender, Josh Bernstein, Bruce Blanchard, John R. Bockstoce, Brian M. Boom, John R. Boreske Jr., Lawson W. Brigham, Diane Britz-Lotti, Charles A. Burroughs, Jim Clash, Julianne M. Chase, Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter, S. Allen Counter, Kevin V. Denlay, Constance Difede, Michael F. Diggles, James M. Edwards, Richard M. Elkus, William T. Ellison, Barbara Engel, James R. Enterline, Julian M. Evans, Lesley Carol Ewing, Michael L. Finn, Kay Foster, Suzanne L. Frye, Richard A. Garriott De Cayeux, James A. Gibbs, Leslie I. Gold, Carolyn Goltra, George W. Gowen, Jean Michel Guite, Brian P. Hanson, Ira Haupt II, Christopher Heintz, Lyda Hill, Dr. Michael C. Hilton, Daphne L. Hoch-Cunningham, Fletcher Hodges, Barbara T. Hoffman, David L. Horner, Kenneth A. Howery, John R. Huff, Ken Kambis, Peter Kellner, Darlene R. Ketten, Jeremy F. Kinney, Thomas D. Kirsch, Lee V. Langan, Richard Linnehan, Dave E. Lounsbury, Michael S. Luzich, Robert E. Maroney, Michele K. Mass, Doris Lee McCoy, Donald T. Morley, Arnold H. Neis, Alan H. Nichols, Northern California Chapter, Narendra L. Parson, Alese O. Pechter, Scott Petty Jr., Scott E. Power, Elsa Roscoe, Rafael A. Rodriguez, Elsa Roscoe, Daniel Rose, Faanya L. Rose, Will Roseman, Edward P. Roski Jr., Charlotte E. Rygh, Rebecca L. Rygh, David J. Saul, Kristine Serne, Neville Shulman, Adam B. Silver, Richard T. Silver, Theodore M. Siouris, Gibbs M. Smith, Allan M. Streichler, Lynne W. Summers, Richard Taylor, Michael E. Tennenbaum, Mitchell D. Terk, Alex Wallace, The Washington Group, Robert H. Whitby, Howard J. Witte, Gail A. Wyman

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