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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Paul Rosolie - 12/01/2014

This presentation takes us into the wild western Amazon, the Madre de Dios (or Mother of God). The sacred headwaters of the Amazon Basin are the most ecologically significant place on our planet. For the last eight years Paul Rosolie has studied and explored this region of ancient forest amidst gold miners, drug runners, loggers, uncontacted tribes, and more biological diversity than anywhere else. An author, and award winning documentary filmmaker, Rosolie’s mission is to tell the story of this wild corner of the earth before it vanishes.

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NYC - President's Dinner feat. Caroline Alexander - 12/2/2014

Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition and the Shadow of the Great War: With the race to the South Pole won by Norway, renowned polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton set his sights on another prize, the first crossing of the Antarctic continent. This dream was dashed when the Endurance was crushed by ice and Shackleton and his 27 men found themselves castaways in the most remote place on earth. Shackleton’s quest for glory became a fight merely to survive. Caroline Alexander is the author of seven books of non-fiction including the international best-sellers The Endurance: Shackleton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition and The Bounty: The True Story of the Mutiny on the Bounty.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Simon Donato - 12/8/2014

100 Miles of Wild - the North Dakota Badlands Expedition: This talk will describe results of Flag expedition 112, where the Adventure Science team conducted the first-ever walking survey of the North Dakota Badlands. The purpose of the project was to document the current state of the wilderness that helped inspire Theodore Roosevelt to preserve wilderness areas in the United States. The rapid expansion of the Bakken oil boom threatens to alter the feeling and state of wilderness in this remote area, and as political controversy rages, a non-partisan baseline study needed to be conducted.

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Holiday Party 2014 - 12/10/2014

Have Certain Explorers been Naughty or Nice?! Find out from Our Special Guest from the North Pole who will be available for your requests. The Explorers Club and The House Committee cordially invite members and their guests to our year-end Holiday Party on Wednesday, December 10th. Enjoy the festive holiday spirit in our beautiful Headquarters building, which is decorated for the season. Socialize with old friends…meet new friends…sing holiday songs…drink eggnog…or plan your next expedition.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Emily Driscoll & Mara G. Haseltine - 12/15/2014

Art of the Invisible Ocean: Exploring plankton, micro-plastics and the design of sustainable living reefs through art, opera and film. The lecture includes two films, a presentation and Q&A with Emily V. Driscoll, a science video director/producer specializing in science and art documentaries, and Mara G. Haseltine, an internationally renowned artist known for her sculptural renditions of microscopic life forms.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. John Bellezza - 01/05/2015

Some 3000 years ago, the relentless spread of civilization reached Tibet with dramatic consequences, ones that would alter the face of Eurasia forever. This was the time of the Late Bronze Age followed by the Iron Age, periods of profound technological and environmental change across Eurasia. Although we now often think of Tibet as a backwater, in antiquity it too was an active participant in the reshaping of this vast continent. The developments unleashed in Tibet and beyond three millennia ago reverberate down to the present day, helping to account for the cultural legacies of two-thirds of the world’s population.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Ryan Pyle - 01/12/15

The Middle Kingdom Ride - Ryan Pyle decided to leave the rat race behind and ride his motorbike around China. He covered over 14,000 miles over 60 days in a circuit of China that has never been attempted before. He has effectively become a Shanghai local, having lived there for 10 years. Pyle has now set his sights even higher. Crazy drivers, 40 degree plus heat, massive landslides, floods, inhospitable towns and dangerous falls will hamper his progress, as he strives to claim a Guinness World record for the longest continuous journey by a motorcycle within a single country. It's a quest to go where no one has gone before; a journey they call The Middle Kingdom Ride.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Frank Aon - 02/02/2015

Roman Legions, Slave Mercenaries, in Ancient Western Han Duanghuang, Gansu, China, 35B.C.E. to 22B.C.E. - The idea of Roman soldiers being in China at the end of the Roman Republic and earliest Roman Imperial times has long upset many scholars in America, England, and China. Recent DNA tests conducted by the Chinese government and on-going archaeological finds in significant sites in the province of western Gansu have begun to change the minds of a steadily growing number of eminent scholars.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Elise Engler - 02/09/2015

Unpacking Antarctica - In the Austral summer of 2009-10, Elise Engler was the recipient of a National Science Foundation’s Antarctica Artist and Writer’s Program Grant. As a result, she spent 2 months in the Antarctic; drawing, painting, photographing and making videos of my experiences accompanying scientists in the Dry Valleys, Cape Royds and Caper Crozier (2 penguin colonies) and the South Pole. This lecture documents her travels, using photographs and images of the art made throughout this residency and upon return.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Zoltan Haiman - 02/23/2015

The Life and Times of Black Holes Throughout Cosmic Time - Over the last 10 years or so, astronomers have accumulated convincing evidence that black holes are not only "real" and exist, but are in fact ubiquitous in nature, coming in a broad range of sizes. Large black holes are found to reside at the center of every galaxy, and very massive ones, several billion times heavier than our own Sun, are known to have formed already within a mere 700 million years after the Big Bang. Columbia University astrophysicist Zoltan Haiman will discuss how such massive black holes may have formed and evolved throughout the history of the cosmos.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj - 03/02/2014

In Search of Black Ice: Science and Exploration in the Nepalese Himalaya - From September 2013 through June 2014, Ulyana Nadia Horodyskyj had the unique opportunity to live and work in the Nepalese Himalaya on a US Fulbright fellowship. During this time, she explored mechanisms for ice mass loss in the Himalaya. From surviving a near-drowning in a glacial river, climbing to over 6100 meters (20,000 feet) in search of samples, and losing a member of her team in the Everest avalanche, Horodyskyj will take you on a journey of discovery, exploration, hardship and heartbreak during my collection of scientific data from the Roof of the World.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. William Chapman - 03/09/2014

The ancient ruins of Southeast Asia have long sparked curiosity and romance in the world’s imagination. They appear in accounts of 19th-century French explorers, as props for Indiana Jones’ adventures, and more recently as the scene of Lady Lara Croft’s fantastical battle with the forces of evil. They have been featured in National Geographic magazine and serve as backdrops for popular television travel and reality shows. Drawing from his recent book A Heritage of Ruins: The Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia and Their Conservation (2013), William Chapman will explore the varied roles these monumental remains have played in the histories of Southeast Asia’s modern nations.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series featuring Doug Allan - 03/23/2015

Often exciting, sometimes humorous, always revealing and refreshingly honest, Life Behind the Lens by Doug Allan offers unique personal insights into the trials and tribulations of filming animals in the wildest places on Earth. Doug’s enthusiasm for communicating his deep understanding of the biology of the animals and the psychology of film-makers make this presentation both engaging and inspirational. It’s suitable for a wide range of ages and audiences, from youngsters to adults, from scientists to artists.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Caitlin O'Connell - 04/06/2015

ELEPHANT DON: The Politics of a Pachyderm Posse - The lecture will cover 20+ years of Caitlin O'Connell's elephant research and specifically a new focus on male elephant society featured in her new book of the same name. The presentation will feature photos, video, sounds and data along with a discussion of the book and the long term research and recent publications that came out of the research.

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NYC - Public Lecture Series feat. Patricia Glyn - 04/13/2015

Dawid’s Return is about a two month journey I did into the Kalahari Desert, South Africa, with an old Khomani San/Bushman and his children. Patricia Glyn visited and recorded ancient heritage sites, traditional hunting grounds, birth and death sites, and got a glimpse of what life was like for the Khomani before they were evicted from their homeland by South Africa’s apartheid regime.

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Finding Fort Congaree II

David Brinkman MN‘08, Chair of our Greater Piedmont Chapter, has proudly announced the successful excavation of an 18th century fort near the Congaree River in Cayce, S.C. In coordination with Jonathan Leader and John Hunt of the University of South Carolina, the team discovered “this particular fort, which would have been visited by well-known Revolutionary War figures such as Thomas Sumter, Andrew Pickens and Isaac Huger, was small, between 150 and 200 square feet, but served as the base for a garrison of approximately 100 people around the time of the French and Indian Wars.”

Carrying Flag #147, the excavation could be considered among the first Joint Chapter Expeditions, with Greater Piedmont, Atlanta, and Rocky Mountain Chapter members participating. In particular, Brinkman was keen to thank “a core group that has been there on almost every dig: Jon Leader, John Fisher, Jacob Borchardt, Dean Hunt, DC Locke, and Odess Brinkman. There were also Explorers that came from far away to take part in a couple of the digs: Julie and Alex Wallace, Linda and Jim Alexander, Don Chenoweth, and Steve Pigott.”

You can click here to learn more about the dig on the University of South Carolina’s website. We would like to congratulate David on this collaborative effort, and look forward to continued discoveries from the site.

Explorers Club Extends Free Membership to Active Duty Military Personnel and Disabled Veterans

The Explorers Club, with members and chapters worldwide, today announced a special program extending free membership to active duty military personnel and those disabled while in active service.

In making the announcement, Alan Nichols, Explorers Club President and a U.S. Army veteran, said:

“With a significant number of military officers and enlisted personnel already within our ranks and active in exploration,  we welcome members of the active armed forces and those who have made extraordinary sacrifices while in the service of their country, to join us and share our knowledge and resources to expand their horizons in the world of exploration and discovery. They will bring to The Explorers Club specialized experience and knowledge that will expand horizons for all of us.”

Military personnel interested in joining the Explorers Club can visit this page for membership details.

With deepest condolences…

The Explorers Club would like to express our deepest condolences to the men and women of Virgin Galactic and Scaled Composites, the family of the lost pilot, and wish godspeed in the recovery of the pilot currently hospitalized.

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